Gaudy Night – Taproot Theatre – photos by Erik Stuhaug

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Man of La Mancha – Taproot Theatre – photos by Erik Stuhaug


Brooklyn Boy – Taproot Theatre – photos by Erik Stuhaug


Enchanted April – Taproot Theatre – photos by Erik Stuhaug


Hiring, Firing, and BoardroomsProlifik Films


Leaving Ruin – Touring Production


When Comes the Way — Touring Production – photos by Gordon Trice




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  1. I know about most of these productions except for When Come the Way. From the design and photos it looks really amazing. What is it about and where did you tour it?

    • When Comes the Way was a solo performance show, an original 90-minute musical. It was mythic and allegorical in nature. I didn’t tour it a lot, because it was just too much stuff to lug around, not to mention I sang for almost an hour and a half on one foot. (That’s only partially a joke. It was extremely physical and taxing.) It was during the period when I was in love with Suzuki training and wanted to explore the aesthetic of the training in performance. Thanks for stopping by and having a look! Jeff

  2. Jeff, your son Daniel looks like my son Gideon. it also sounds like you love your children, as I love my children also. Sadly my wife just divorced me, and it is hard now to see my children. I just saw Daniel in “The Most Happy Fellow” at the Goodspeed Opera House in CT. He was great, but he made me miss my son Gideon so much

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