Arthur The Begetting

“[Arthur: The Begetting is] a play that rewards the close-listening it requires with a wealth of beautifully crafted and elegant language. The emotions are raw and unbridled, often starkly emphatic, but never simple or one-dimensional…a mature, complex, and engaging drama…THIS WAS A GREAT EVENING IN THE THEATRE.”  — Jerry Kraft,

“[Arthur: The Begetting] is suspenseful, romantic, and darkly medieval. More impressive yet is the fact that, as a prequel, the play gives no indication of feeling inferior; it is what it is—a minor myth and happy to be.  –Richard Morin, Seattle Weekly

ARTHUR: THE BEGETTING is the first play  in THE ARTHUR CYCLE, a cycle of plays based on the legends of King Arthur.  ARTHUR: THE BEGETTING is the story of Emrys and Igraine, a young king and queen who carry a vision for a new Britain, a vision of a new, unified nation under the rule of a divinely chosen High King.  The story is set in motion by a vicious assassination and the ensuing scramble for power.   There are three rivals for the throne, all connected intimately to Queen Igraine:  Emrys of Powys, her former lover; Terynon of Cornwall, her husband; and Uther of Gwynedd, a Celtic King she knows only from her dreams.  In the midst of brute politics and brewing war, Emrys and Igraine desperately vie to make their vision into reality, but in the end, their attempts to hold on to love have unforeseen results, propelling them all down an inescapable path that culminates in a tragic beginning of Arthur’s life.


Arthur The Hunt

“Not only is this a complex historical drama, but it attempts to explore the infinitely greater questions of how our earthly endeavors connect to the higher powers of destiny and spiritual imperative. Berryman’s language dares an almost Shakespearean grace and eloquence, and his characters all bear the weight of great historical forces, overpowering passions and desires, and lives lived “…on the edges. Lonely places”. — Jerry Kraft, Aisle Say (Seattle).

ARTHUR: THE HUNT continues the The Arthur Cycle.   490 AD, A solitary young woman searches for the man who holds her destiny, an aging ruler with knowledge of the future searches for a child who was lost in the wars nearly twenty years ago. The war-torn land is in desperate need of a High-King. Where is Arthur? “The Hunt” is an epic tale: equal parts grand adventure, love story, history, tragedy, and myth.


The Carrolls of Queen Anne

THE CARROLLS OF QUEEN ANNE: A VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS TALE OF OLD SEATTLE:  It is Christmas 1889, and Mr. Christopher Carroll, flush with new wealth, is in need of a new cook for a socially important Christmas dinner in his large mansion on the slopes of old Queen Anne Town.  Henry, an enterprising young black chef of backbone and skill whose restaurant was destroyed in the great Seattle fire of that same year, reluctantly takes the post, and runs headlong into a rich and diverse cast of domestics anxious to join to join their families for a brief holiday respite from the rigors of service. Reminiscent of Upstairs, Downstairs, The Carrolls of Queen Anne is an enchanting tale of laughter and music combining the spirits of Seattle and Christmas to create a rich holiday treat.




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  1. Looking to purchase “The Question of Bethlehem”

    • Hi, Rae…

      Can you tell me where you heard of/or saw the play? (If it was somewhere other than this website) And when you say you want to purchase it, are you referring to a copy of the script, or the rights to perform? I’ll reply as quickly as possible when I hear from you. Thanks for the inquiry. You can also email me at

  2. Jerry
    We saw the play years ago in Thunder Bay at the Alliance church. We are looking to purchase the script and the rights to perform. We have a small Baptist church in Thunder Bay.

  3. Hello! My name is Katie and I’m a 2004 graduate of the ACU theatre dept. I saw Arthur:The Hunt while there. I’m currently teaching a conservatory class at a local theatre and was hoping to check out your Arthur plays as possible production pieces. Where can I buy them?

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