Taking Pictures, Seeing New


I blogged a few weeks ago about seeing the world, that the first move of the artist is to see. When Lent started, I felt the need to do something artistic that was different than writing or music, and I was also interested of seeing God in the concrete world. So I got out my little digital camera and have been taking pictures of everything under the sun. Sure enough, I’m not brooding anymore as I drive or shop or walk to Javasti’s. My eyes are wide open, looking for what’s going to catch my attention today. In the future, I’ll share some of them, and perhaps muse a bit about why this image or that. I’m not sure what I’m doing, but it’s impacting me.

Still Water

Water is elemental, necessary for life, packed with some vital something that we can break down into scientific terms, but in the end, the life force behind it–the ultimate why is mysterious. Droplets are beautiful because of the way they catch the light, reflecting it off the soft round shape. I’ve taken lots of flower shots over the past three and a half weeks, many of them with water droplets. The leaf seems to be offering it. A hand of God, perhaps? Maybe I’m stretching, seeing metaphor where there’s not any, but then again, the whole idea of metaphor only operates in the mind. So who’s to say I don’t see water from God in the picture. And at the same time, when I say that, the picture diminishes for me, as if now that I’m looking at God’s gift to me, I can no longer see the simple beauty of the liquid hanging out on the green smooth surface of the leaf.

…more to come…

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