Kids Performing

I spent the weekend watching my children perform.  First it was Daniel in the opening show of the second weekend of Roosevelt High School’s Thoroughly Modern Millie.  It was a first class show by some sixty wonderful performers, and of course, I always enjoy watching Daniel sing and dance.  Then Anjie and I caught a plane to Cincinnati where Amy was finishing up her first year at the University of Cincinnati’s College Conservatory of Music in the Drama Department.  Amy was performing in a freshman showcase featuring 11 of the 15 people in their class.   Amy was great, as always, has obviously grown a lot this year and seems sincerely happy to be working hard and traveling this journey with her new friends and colleagues there at CCM.   I was very impressed by the overall level of work I saw, and as a parent watching my daughter prepare for a career in “the business”, I feel good about the level of training she’s getting.  She landed a major part in one of the mainstage shows for the fall, and continues to be excited about her opportunities.

Anjie, Amy, and I came back home Sunday morning and got here in time to go to Daniel’s closing performance, which was stellar.  It’s great to be together again as a family, and to have my sister Jody here as well.

There is no way to describe how it feels to watch these kids of mine perform.  I suppose it’s just joy.  People say “You must be proud” and of course I am.  I am much prouder of the people they are turning out to be than I am of their theatrical gifts.  They handle themselves with such grace and strength, and are light years ahead of where I was at that age, and that brings me more joy than I can say.  Their gifts for the theatre are what they are, and though I suppose I’ve had a bit to do with the nurturing of those gifts, they’re the ones who are doing the work and offering it back to the world.  I am thrilled for their freedom, their confidence, and the hope they have in their futures.

I wish  you all could have seen them.   In the future, I think there’s a good chance many people will see their work.   I can’t wait…

I could watch them work everyday…

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