A quick entry…


Part of the discipline just now is to blog everyday. So here it is. Not much to say, except brooding time is going to get short in the coming weeks. After a truly restful Sabbath yesterday (including an afternoon walk with Daniel–see photo–launching into a book called Mayflower, and watching We are Marshall) there were meetings most of the day today, production meeting for Winterland: The Quest for Christmas tonight. Rehearsals all day tomorrow, then tomorrow night I’m headed to Redmond to check out Scribble 4.0, a production put together by Timberlake Church. Then more rehearsal Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, then its off to Cincinnati next Friday to see Amy in a play at the University of Cincinnati. Then back to the Northwest Church on the 28th for the farewell banquet for Milton and Barbie Jones, and the next week, November 4th, the journey begins in earnest as I begin to preach on a regular basis.

Lots of conversations going on, listening, trying to keep clear on what I’m doing, what God is doing. Mostly trying to follow Him, be real, imitate the Christ, let the Holy Spirit teach and speak to me and through me. A powerful time in my life, yet so, so simple. Asking for vision, wisdom, but mostly courage to say and do what needs to be said and done. The people of the Northwest Church are good people, and precious, and God is chasing all our hearts.


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