A Luke Six Year

Happy New Year!

I wrote yesterday that I asked the members of the NW Church to pick one command of Christ and resolve to pursue it this year.  Well, here’s mine.

Luke Six.

I know, there’s more than one command in there, but this morning as I was reading, it seemed to call to me in a couple of ways.  1) Verse 40, which says “…but everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher.”  That’s what I want to be, like my teacher.  2) The whole thing opens with a Sabbath, which is going to continue to be a focus. 3) The Sermon on the Plain is a little more straight to the point that the Matthew 5-7 version.   Happy are the poor, the weeping, the hungry, the hated-on-account-of-Jesus.  4) Love your enemies, give, forgive.  5) The centrality of the heart in vs. 43-45, and 6) The need to build the foundation.

I’m going to put that with Romans 12:1-2.  Body as living sacrifice, do not conform to the pattern of the world, transform by renewing the mind.

God help me, that’s where I’m going.


One Reply to “A Luke Six Year”

  1. Great stuff in Luke 6.

    If I remember correctly, Tony Ash sees Luke 6:40 as the lens through which one reads the long, virtually-unoutlineable section from 9:51-19:27–while the disciples are being trained, we readers are also being trained to be like the teacher.

    Here’s a favorite of mine, Luke 6:32-36. Is there something greater than the “golden rule”? Yep. Do to others as God has done to you. That’s kept me thinking for a long time now.

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