Day Two

Great class yesterday.  These people are smart, interested, and vocal.  They understood what makes a poem, what the implications are of the questions surrounding the use of sexuality in media, and they seem more than willing to engage the culture on its own terms.  When asked about their experiences of beauty, the examples came back full of moments of service, enlightment, and human contact.

I also spent some time at lunch with Jack Maxwell’s major art work on campus, his “Jacob’s Dream”, a monumental work of sculpture that wasn’t complete on last year’s visit.  It’s a pretty great piece.  I’ll post images of it later in the week.  The angels are powerful, and the words cut into the stones around it make for a space that seems sacred even in the middle of a bright Texas afternoon.

This class inevitably inspires me, challenges me, shames me, and makes me deeply reflective on what it means to be an artist in service of God.  The tension between what God calls us to and what we want, the questions of perception and obedience and wisdom, the choices between what is permissible and what is beneficial, what is okay and what is best…these choices face us every day.

But this year, I am encouraged by the quality of the thought these young people are bringing to the table.  I am learning from them, and being challenged.  Life doesn’t stop coming at us.  God doesn’t stop coming at us, His Spirit finding every means possible to keep us moving toward His dream for us foolish, foolish humans.

This morning, creation, humanity, and the fall.  The greatness of what was in the beginning, and the horror of how it all came apart.

God heal us, every one… 

3 Replies to “Day Two”

  1. Idea: I would love to take this class. Would it be possible to teach this as part of our arts group? I know it would have to be broken up into smaller chunks. Think about it.

  2. I’ll second that. I think we’ve heard at least some of it in previous classes with you, but I’d love to revisit and continue! Glad you’re having a “good” time.

  3. I’ve been a spiritual director for about 10 years, usually companioning middle aged people becoming conscious of their mortality and sifting through their previous years to seek God’s guidance for their remaining years. The past two years I’ve been privileged to sit with some young adults of college age and under 30. I am inspired by their search and desire to be God’s person. I am encouraged to get a sense of the depths of spirituality. Their hearts are turned toward and open to God’s movement in their lives. To teach and learn from young artists must be a great joy and mutually rewarding for you.

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