Blogging at the Church Blog, too

So now there are two blogs going.

Truth is, I’ve been working far too many hours at a pace that’s unsustainable.   Not unusual for people in ministry, I think, so I’ve gone back and retooled, thinking through what God is asking me to do once again.  I need to be writing more, venturing out into the blogosphere, knowing that I think differently when letters are appearing one after another in front of me.

So, we’ve established another blog over at The Between Journey.  This is going to track our ongoing life together as a church, touching on sermons, upcoming events, leadership and other topics impacting the day-to-day life at the church.   Here at this blog, the work will continue to be more musing and reflecting on culture, personal life, and my ongoing push and pull with beauty, Christian faith, and postmodern culture.

And actually, there’s a third blog happening as well, though we’re off to a slow start.   The Arts Ministry at the church has a blog here simply called NW Arts.  We haven’t done a lot with it yet, but look to see more in the coming months.  My good friend Marty Gordon helped us set this up, and if you haven’t seen his work, you need to. Go check Marty out at Martworks.

More writing coming…

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