Community Service

Ann McMurray dumping weeds, working hard.

I spent the morning working at Kellogg Middle School in Shoreline. Mostly weeding, shoveling bark, talking theology with new and old friends, and shooting some photography of the event as we went. I was a little surprised by how fun it was to simply be out in the rain with friends working for no real reward other to spread some goodwill in the community. I also figured out about an hour into it that what we were really working on was beauty, both aesthetically and relationally.

My back is paying the price, and rolling into my 49th birthday, it seems appropriate that I spent the day doing work that dated me, or at least reminded me of my limitations. But I’ve been saying for a year that I would be in the best shape of my life when I crossed the 50 mark, so I’ve got one year to go. We’ll see.

There were about 20 of us that showed up at one time or another to help out. A few of the teens were there, and some folks a good bit older than me and all ranges in between. A church group helping out a local school because we care, because we want to be good neighbors, and because we need to learn as a body of people what it means to be out there giving where there is need. The Northwest Church is a giving church–always has been–but there is much to learn as God moves us forward.

Great times in the rain…

Pete Wilson did a great job heading up the day

Scott Jackson pulling weeds.

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