Tweets, Posts, and Status Updates


TweetDeck is a metaphor.

If you haven’t seen it, TweetDeck is an app that lets you track Twitter tweets and Facebook Updates in real time.   As it spreads out across several columns, breaking tweets into various categories, I can’t help but think about the vast amounts of information coming at us.  Thoughts dropping into our consciousness from not-quite-random sources, but from sources that would not have been on our radars prior to tweeting.  I remember thinking (and I still do), “What in the world would be interesting enough for people to possibly want to follow me on Twitter?”

But as I watch the ever-changing tweets and posts TweetDeck delivers, I have to admit that the collective mind of the people I know is pretty fascinating.  Some posts are better than others, some make me laugh, others inform me in ways that I would not have anticipated, and some are just delightful because of a small thought or idea or memory or image that pops into my mind unexpectedly.  Small gifts, maybe, little explosions of joy and discovery.   It makes me think of how our minds sift and filter thought.

What if I my mind was on display as in a personal TweetDeck?  Maybe it would set up various categories, and running posts and tweets from the various spiritual entities that have direct or indirect access to my thought processes.  Maybe there’s a column labeled HS, another Wormwood, then Memory, Incoming, and From-the-Void.   Maybe there would be a moment-to-moment column of emotional impulses and colors that would let us in on the crazy weather we call feeling. Make your own columns…you get the point.

I grew up being terrified of having my whole life played out on VHS before God on Judgment Day.  Maybe the scarier metaphor now is a life-long TweetDeck of all the Tweets, Posts, and Status Updates of the heart, for all our long years.

Do I really want everybody to know “what I’m doing right now?

One Reply to “Tweets, Posts, and Status Updates”

  1. Yup, fascinating.

    I don’t look at the individual tweets as a good metric to measure the gestalt. In other words I don’t think anyone really cares what a single person is doing. What I do think is that the gestalt of “What is everyone doing?” is what Tweeter and the Social networking is about. I’m personally feeling the positive karma especially when it’s endeavors being pursued collectively like the Lancearmstrong tweets or livestrong tweets. Millions of followers there and growing. The power of a million people all wanting to be bigger than differences, selves or egos all in the pursuit of say in this case “curing cancer”. Yeah knowing somone’s icky/tmi/details/preferences probably not a good use for the new tech. I don’t think it’s about what any single person has to say, It’s what said collectively.

    The power of the spoken word, said collectively. Even @The_Real_Shaq’s tweets will have pithy quotes of humanistic encouragement that reek of faith. Overtime it does indeed enrich. Illiberal communicative choices are quickly called out. Who wants to focus on that? Why waste 140 characters on something that’s a distressor (Unless it’s a plea or signal) I think humans in some small way have become smarter in that now folks are more self aware of what’s immediately and collectively being said: 1Billion people living in abject poverty — dogs of the wealthy getting more healthcare than a human… how about, let’s say Coy simming in exotic pools costing thousands… and humans living in cardboard boxes. These things are not ok, and Tweeter allows immediate accountability between the Super-affluent and those socially in charge of helping the *plebescite herd* better itself. (Lance and Shaq who were both relatively poor by American Super-affluent standards and any personal failings aside seem to both be pursuing the collective betterment of humankind in some fashion)

    It will not long be vogue for us to get away with things that are no longer abstractions. But real, tangible quantifiable facts that now we have the collective power to change immediately. (yes immediately of course over some considerable time, but the action may begin immediately) Ultimately (and yes now I’m completely rambling OT) Economics is a social science and a social construct. What does it say about us humans (all the globe over) if it is a construct that foments injustice for ANYONE in any way. I’m not advocating handouts, but there are billions of humans, who if given a different existential context, say an investment? (one that’s not impoverished) would be able to participate in greater good that would be mutually beneficial to all.

    Tweeter allows a glimpse into not just what is the teency fleeting note of a single thought from but one of the planets billions, it allows a glimpse into what’s possilbe from the greater whole. Goodness is possible, and ever increasingly tangible.

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