Finding Time for TED


A friend told me about TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) about a year ago, and I ignored him.  He brought it to my attention again last week, and I finally broke down and checked it out.

I’m not yet officially hooked, because I haven’t had time to log the hours it will take to benefit from what’s there, but the thought crossed my mind that I need to give up films and TV for a year, substituting TED instead.  Ideas Worth Spreading, indeed.

I’ve only watched a couple of things, but it’s easy to tell this is a great source of the best kind of inspiration–inspiration with substance, quality, and passion.  Benjamin Zander’s piece on falling in love with classical music (Chopin) is delightful, and I was reminded how much I envy teachers who can use pianos as they teach.  (The best class I ever sat in on was taught by a classical pianist who was brilliant and funny and amazing all at the same time.  If you ever get a chance to sit in a class with Jeremy Begbie, don’t miss it.)   And when, as he was teaching everyone in the crowd to love classical music, he encouraged us to bring to mind a person we loved who was no longer here.  That seemed like an affirmation of some kind, since it was the 21st anniversary of my dad’s death.   As so often happens, I didn’t get to finish the piece–another meeting–but I saw enough to know that TED is going to be a part of my online life for a long, long time.

Creativity, mathematics, music, biology, design of all kinds…check it out.   Lots of the talks have been rated “jaw-dropping.”  And I don’t know about you, but I can use all the truly jaw-dropping inspiration I can get

Can’t wait to dig in…

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