Random Snatches of April

“In the main, and from the beginning of time, mysticism has kept men sane.  The thing that has driven them mad was logic.”  –  G.K. Chesterton

And here’s a line from a poem from the same magazine I saw the Chesterton quote in, the fabulous The Sun.  The poem is by Joe Wilkins, called “Manifesto”.

“In April I believe only in lilac, dogwood, and wisteria–such suddenness and color, indecency and mess, / always opening and opening, and fading, and falling away.”

Sounds like The Enchanted April, the novel by Elizabeth von Arnim.   I’m reading the novel because of the acting work I’m doing on the play of the (nearly) same name.   Striking passages on the beauty of April in Italy make me want to leap up and head for a European Spring, especially as I’m watching the gray clouds of September roll into Maple Leaf.

From the novel:

“Mrs. Wilkins said she was sure no one, however old and tough, could resist the effects of perfect beauty.”

And finally, a simple image/phrase from the novel that caught my eye last night,  that I pray one day describes a piece of my inner life.

“They were just cups of acceptance…”

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