Abandoned Churches

From WebUrbanist
From WebUrbanist

Here’s a fascinating exercise: go to WebUrbanist and ponder these abandoned churches.  Truly beautiful buildings that were once opened with hope, worship, and vitality.   Places built to honor God (and perhaps demonstrate power and wealth of some kind) and therefore places where now unknown people felt awe, transparency, conviction, and the power of divinity.

Now empty, abandoned, torn up, torn down, ramshackle, little more than enclosures of dust and ruin.

Two hundred years from now, or four hundred–and I know it’s not the same for a thousand reasons–but imagine someone wandering through the ruins of the place where you worship, if you do.  What, they will wonder, went on here?  What happened?  How and why did such beauty get lost?

And of course, people are churches, many abandoned and worn down, the images of these abandoned rooms images of many spirits and souls.

Just thinking…

4 Replies to “Abandoned Churches”

  1. What a beautiful picture. Such a view should include a few blankets spread on the ground with a crowd of worshipers singing praises underneath the open sky.

    Buildings are such man made structures as well as the signage placed in front of them.

  2. Man-made structures will fade, but the body of believers will endure, lest we forget our purpose as Christians: to go and make disciples. Do not underestimate the power of Satan to distract the Saint from that purpose.

    We are so easily swayed to fun and frolic when given the choice of spending time with God. We need to be Warriors, indeed.

  3. It’s such a pitiful kind of view. When I see this picture a few questions came to my mind. Why such a building been abandoned? Is it too old? or is it not up to the demand of church member? or Is it because no come come to this church anymore? If it is because no one come to church anymore then it tell churches around the world to pay more attention to something like this. I don’t know 100 years from now how many church buildings will be abandoned.

    Another thought that came to my mind is that it is such a wast that the building was not use. There are MANY churches around the world worship God under the tree. They wish to have church building so that they can worship God peacefully without disturbing.

    I pray that there will be no more church building abandoned like this one.

  4. Doubt, procrastination, apathy are tools of the enemy……..And can coerce the believer into making wrong choices. Walls are merely partitions from the community and are all coming down at one time or another……..A time to rejoice! God is Awesome and so is Jesus.

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