Advent, Morning Light

I missed lighting the candle on Sunday.   I know…we of evangelical ilk (I originally had “elk” – ha!) don’t always do such things, but the Episcopalian side of me really likes to light the light.   November was a busy season with a couple of events at church, not to mention all the planning related to Christmas Taize and Christmas Eve, and on top of that, I just didn’t feel well.   So somehow, I missed the planning of lighting the first candle of Advent.   Does that leave me out of the season completely?  Is it too late?

Probably not.

In fact, I woke up this morning with “light” on my mind.  More specifically, I John 1, and the whole idea of walking in the light as he is in the light.  And for some reason–probably just an oddness on my part–as I lay in bed, I realized both my hands were raised, palms facing each other.  The bedroom window is to my left, and the light streaming in created an interesting thought even as I was mulling I John 1.  The palm of my right hand was facing the window, and I could see it plainly.   My left hand was completely dark, nothing but.   It occurred to me that we are much like that.   Completely dark when our back is to the light.

I resolved to turn more directly toward the Light.

And blog more.

Sometimes I just don’t have much to say…

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