Vacation Adventures

So there I am, standing at the railing of a catamaran, bobbing up and down in the Pacific Ocean at the base of the great, plunging cliffs of the NaPali Coast on the north shores of Kauai.  The morning sun has just crested over the top of these mountains, and the sea mists have caught the light, scattering shafts of light down through the impressive gorges into the sea.   Waves hurl white foam onto the rocks, which then fingers its way back down to the water.   Behind us, a humpback whale roles over a few times, and even breaches to the delighted shouts of the passengers.   I raise my head to see the magnificent view and take it in.   I know I will never forget this moment.

Sick as a dog, I’m throwing up over the railing even as creation in its majesty offers me the best view in the house.

Actually, I did pretty well the first couple of hours of the tour.  This was Friday of our week in Kauai, and both Anjie and I were excited to be out in the water, circling the island in search of whales, dolphins, turtles, and perhaps even a bit of snorkeling.   The waves were in the ten-foot range, said the captain, and I even got out on the very tip of one of the hulls.   When my feet started leaving the deck as the boat shot up and down, Anjie and I figured we’d better head for the back, where the ride might be a little easier.

Too late.  Not long after that, the world tilted, my stomach freaked out, and I wondered how in the world I was going to get through the next four to five hours of sailing.

This will be a funny, funny story for a long time.

Obviously, that’s really not my greatest or most memorable moment of our trip to Hawaii, but it just seems like an appropriate metaphor that I’ll leave for you to unpack.  As you think about it, don’t forget the grandeur and the throwing up, and don’t forget the laughing at the end.

Hanging on for dear life…

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