Everything’s A Photo Waiting To Be Taken…

So I got an invitation from my daughter to do a “365” project.   What’s that, I said?  Well, it’s an online project where you post a photograph a day, joining a community of pretty talented (make that “really, amazingly talented”) photographers just practicing the craft, having a great time blowing each others’ minds with these images.   I love seeing what’s on people’s minds and how they go about recording the world.

The result for me is that I’m almost a month into it and I’ve gone stupid about taking photographs.  Maybe it’s a stress reliever of some kind but my goodness, it’s fun.   Learning a lot, too.   What in the world to do with these shots, though?   Lots of interesting things.  But there’s a shift in focus that starts to happen as I lug my camera around.  I begin to see light constantly, framing the world in compositions that speak of balance and beauty and structure and rhythm.    The metaphors of training the eye to see, focus, depth of field, looking for light and shadow…they could go on and on.

There is a lens through which the Christ calls us to see the world.  We need to be taking lots of shots to train our eyes to see.

Hope you see something amazing today…



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