Poetry Tuesday: He Lifts The Elegant Lid

Poetry Tuesday…I’ve told a few people how I’ve been throwing down lines of tetrameter since Ash Wednesday.   What if Tuesdays here became “Poetry Tuesday”?  No comment, just some lines for the perusal of whoever wants to wander by?

Sure, why not?   The following was my entry from about three weeks ago.   Enjoy…


He lifts the elegant lid,

This one, he likes, especially,

Particular to its grasses.

Snow enchants him, and skiers too.

Gatherings of friends around fires,

Ant farms and farmers, and tall corn.

He wants a game to be played well,

Just for the hell of it, and more.

Laughter eases the suffering–

In fact, nothing else will do it.

Certain toddlers catch his eye,

Over and over he wants them,

To be with them, praying they’ll visit,

Spend time, perhaps even speak to him.

He’d love to tell them how much love

He has for thunder, rain, and storm,

How they thrill him in the morning.

He likes ice water, supple shadow,

And cotton curtains easing out,

Encouraged by afternoon breeze

To let in light, and simply breathe.

He likes lips, too, the feel of prayer

Moving across them, scent on skin.

Thoughts are not his favorite

But to see motion, muscling play,

Is to induce near giddiness,

Seraphs jumping, crying, “Holy!”

© 2012 Jeff Berryman

One Reply to “Poetry Tuesday: He Lifts The Elegant Lid”

  1. Not sure I understand what you are saying. What I see is God looking out over his creation and loving every bit of it, from the least to the greatest, from Day 1 to Day 7 and beyond. Thank you.

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