Tetrameter Fragments


So I’ve been experimenting with various ideas about what to do with the tetrameter that I’ve been writing each morning for over two years.    For the moment, I’ve decided to pull fragments out and create panels experimenting with text and texture.  I’ve got lots to learn visually, but it feels like there’s potential here.

Emptied Walk

I’ll be posting most of these over on tumblr, but I’ll be dropping them off here as well.   Would love feedback.

Admittedly, this next one’s dense and hard to read.  Click on it to enlarge it.


Creative stuff on the move…

One Reply to “Tetrameter Fragments”

  1. Jeff ~ I love the first and the third. The first feels like regret, questioning decisions made. The faint, vague imagery of words in the background hint at what was possibly lost had another decision been made. It has as much, maybe more, than the text itself. Nice!

    The third piece feels cold and hard, homeless and hopeless. I smell fear especially in those last lines; “…when young we risked running. Now it’s all cowering. Waiting.” Wonderful piece.

    Thank you for posting / Lew

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