Hello from Chicago

I’m sitting at Caribou Coffee at the corner of Roselle and Golf about a half hour west of Chicago. I’ve been here 10 days (in Chicago, not at Caribou Coffee) working on a video shoot for a Creek Association project called “Re-Group”, a teaching video concerning group dynamics aimed at small groups around the country. I did the writing and directing, and it’s been a tremendous process. The actors have really stepped up to the plate, and my hat is off to them. The first five days of shooting went really well, and after Saturday’s shoot, we’ll be done. It’s been intense, filled with moments of sheer joy, sheer panic, and everything in between. Lots to say about it, but I want to wait until it’s over, and then I’ll process it more.

The picture taking continues, and I’ve had the itch to buy a big camera that will do lots more than my little Nikon Coolpix, but I haven’t pulled the trigger. Been doing some research and can’t decide if I really want to invest that much money or not. We’ll see.

Easter season? Still going–we just came past the fifth Sunday of Easter, and to tell you the truth, as I look back, it has been a continual time of rebirth, just as it should be. There have been times in the shoot that I have had to fight back tears of gratefulness as I find myself alive to the moments unfolding in a way that I haven’t been in a long time. The projects now facing me as I finish the shoot stretch a long way into the future, and I can’t help but believe God is doing a new work in me that I’ve been praying for for a long time. Any prayers you want to offer on my behalf for wisdom would be appreciated. I’m excited to get up and get rocking on the scripts and stories rolling around inside of me.

Next up? Besides some smaller script assignments from Willow, I’ll be chasing down the status of Hunting Grace (the second novel), as well as rewriting The Creche Collector for Taproot Theatre (I think…). There is also the matter of a new play for the Christmas Season at the Northwest Church. Plus…maybe a film of Leaving Ruin? I think it might be time…

Thanks for checking in…

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