Back Home: An Update

I’ve been back for a week now, and life is settling back in to a more normal routine.  Writing projects are coming at me fast and furious, and as usual, I am enmeshed in Christmas tales.  “‘Tis the season” from a writing point of view.  I am reworking “The Creche Collector” for Taproot Theatre (although that’s not official at this point), and I am working on a new play for the Northwest Church that is turning out to be a bigger project than I thought it would be.   It’s a fantasy folk musical set in the Depression-Era midwest, and while I’ve discovered it’s everyone’s favorite setting for the warm-hearted, feel-good Christmas play, I’m hoping mine has enough uniqueness to make it stand out.  We’ll see.  Should be fun at the very least.

Other updates:  The Willow “Re-Group” shoot went very well.  The actors were top-notch, the production company I worked with was outstanding and gracious, and the entire experience was great.  It was more stress than I’ve dealt with in a while, but it’s nice to know the coping muscles are still strong enough to handle it.   God is good to me in those situations, and I’m happy to say that I think the final product will be something that will be very helpful for the people who end up taking part in the “Re-Group” training.   I’ll be headed back to Chicago around the 12th of June to teach and perform at their Arts Conference.

This week will be eventful.   Daniel’s High School musical Thoroughly Modern Millie opens this week.  He’ll be playing the role of Jimmy, and you can go to YouTube and watch him sing a version of “What Do I Need With Love” from the show.   There is a big Gala dinner opening night that lots of friends and family will be coming to, so everyone’s excited.

I have no idea what’s up with Hunting Grace at this point.  I’m waiting for some reaction from an agent, and then we’ll see where we go from there.

One more week left of Easter Season, and then its off to Pentecost.  We could use a season of power…

Thanks for checking in…

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