Faucets and Bolts…No Worries

Okay.  On Sunday, my wife’s driving along in our van and hears a noise–a loud bang, almost as if she’s run over something, and the car begins to wobble noticeably.  She manages to get home, and then, next morning I manage to get it to the dealer.  Driving along I-5, it feels like I’m skating on ice.  $500 later, we know that a bolt dropped off, the “left lower control arm bolt.”  A $3.34 part.  Which apparently damaged a CV boot, and the alignment had to be redone as well.   Hmmmm.

So this morning, Daniel can’t seem to get the cold water turned off in the bathtub.  Anjie tries, then I try, and sure enough, the cold water is not going to shut off.  We turn off the water to the house, call the plumber and a very nice man comes in and describes what will roughly be a $2500-$4000 repair job to tear out the ceramic tile in the bathroom wall, replacing the pipes and the valve and the trim.  Hmmmm.

I told the congregation in my sermon Sunday morning that I don’t make any money–and in the context of what we were doing in that sermon, it made perfect sense–and now three days later, I have several thousand dollars less than I had even then.   Yet, I have also had a “booking” that promises to make up for that, and then some.  Hmmmm.

Following the teaching of Jesus isn’t always easy.  But it’s specific and to the point.  Why worry?  Don’t, he says.  Okay, I say, I won’t.  Especially after I got a chance to visit with a very brave four-year-old girl yesterday who has been battling cancer for over a year, and came through a tough seven hour surgery on Monday, and had enough energy left yesterday to smile.    Especially after reading in the paper about the group of 10 young sky-divers who lost their lives in an airplane crash a few days ago.   Especially looking back over my life and understanding that God has always  taken care of us.

So as I go to rip out some plaster and sheetrock and tile and see how much of this I can do myself, I’ll keep in mind that Jesus said not to worry.  A simple command with more power to live in the obedience.  So there you go…

Get behind me… 

2 Replies to “Faucets and Bolts…No Worries”

  1. It’s been my mantra the last couple months…God knows what we need. God always gives us what we need when we need it. (And not necessarily when we think we need it.) Trust and obey

    Easier said than done, I know, but Oh the blessings when you do!

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