You never know, do you?

The human heart fascinates me.  How the world of the Spirit interacts with the human heart fascinates me.  The long journey of life, the deep conversation we have with ourselves, the truths and lies we tell each other.  Who is to say when God is speaking into the quiet small voice of our lives?  And who is to say when the whisper is from a darker voice?  Who can say?

Just now a sunrise catches me by surprise.  I look out my window to my right, and spectacular color rams up against the clouds.   The Cowboys (as in Dallas Cowboys) held on for an ugly win last night, Tony Romo throwing 5 interceptions, losing a fumble, and yet somehow managing to hold on for a win.  Sometimes that’s life.  You foul it up, but then God–for reasons unknown–reaches down and calls you blessed, just like Jesus said, and kicks a long field goal.  And then he does it again.  Blessed are the limpers, for they shall surely walk.  Blessed are the stumbly-mouthed, for they shall speak Shakespeare and better.  Blessed are the lost, for they are the only ones that can be found.

Upside down.  That’s what Jesus does.  Turns things upside down, except that once you’ve been flipped, you suddenly realize it was you that was upside down the whole time.   He’s the one standing right side up.

I will follow as best I can… 

3 Replies to “Surprise…”

  1. Sure feels that way. God is throwing some interesting things at me these days…so odd it could only be Him.

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