Advent Photos


Midlife Chrysler Leading Worship at the NW Church.

In Spring 2007, I took photos every day during the Lent and Easter seasons, and it was a watershed time. I can’t explain why exactly, but seeing things through the lens of a camera somehow shifted my thinking, got me out of a rut of some kind. Well, I’ve decided to do the same thing this year with Advent. Not to say that I’ll be taking Christmas pictures, but just that I’m going to be looking through the camera lens…a lot. So if you see me in December, you’re going to see me with a camera. Do your best to ignore me. I won’t go so far as to say I’ll be posting here everyday, but I’ll be posting a bunch. Nothing fancy, just what happens to catch my eye. (I even took pictures of the congregation as I preached Sunday morning.) Who knows what I’ll have at the end of the day?

Roland on the First Day of Advent

My friend Roland at our Life Group on the first day of Advent.

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