Family Time

Chicago went well.  Read about a dozen actors for the Willow Creek Leadership Summit shoot in May, had a great time planning with the producer/DP of the piece, and then spent some good time with my friend Steve Pederson of Willow Creek Drama.   Yesterday, the Cincinnati leg of the trip began with meeting Anjie and her family at the airport.  We got checked in and grabbed a bite to eat, then waited for Amy to get out of her show.   I picked her up just after 11:00 p.m., and then she came to the hotel and spent the night with us.  She’s excited about the play, as are we…she looks great and is busily making her summer New York plans.  Today we visit U.S. Grant’s birthplace and then pick up Mom and Jody at the airport.   The van will be full, but it should be fun.

Not much time to be reflective, but I’m very aware of the process going on at the Northwest Church this week.  This is the week of the choosing of the new preaching minister/catalyst leader.  On Sunday afternoon, the transition team, which has now expanded to include the Elders and the staff, will meet to discover where God is leading us.  But I won’t be there, which is an interesting wrinkle to an interesting journey.   But as I’ve said all along, this is God’s church, and He’s doing His thing.  But never a dull moment.

Headed to breakfast, then down the Ohio River to where Grant was born.   A nice little trip, given that I’m going to be working on an original piece concerning Grant and Robert E. Lee in the next 18 months.  More about that later…


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