Basic Update

Here we are a month later, and it’s time to get back to work.  I wrote a long email yesterday to a student friend, and the words tumbling out called to me, and I found myself enjoying something I’d been missing.  So here I am again, scone in tummy and coffee aromas near, decidedly chasing down words that will reveal but not embarrass.

Lots has happened.  I watched my daughter’s brilliant turn as Lenny in Crimes of the Heart (Cincinnati), turned 50, wrote and shot a video for Willow Creek Community Church for their upcoming Leadership Summit (Chicago), finished up a certification through Mission Alive in Ministry Coaching (Dallas), and the Northwest Church has decided who will follow me in the pulpit.  I’ll wrap up the regular week-to-week preaching on August 30th, and then will be strictly used in relief.  However, I will continue (as of right now) on staff full-time handling worship, leadership development, and a few other things.

In the fall, I get to act a bit again, appearing in a small role in Taproot Theatre’s production of Enchanted April.   I’m excited to return to that world.  I did a bit of acting in the Willow shoot last week, and am fairly horrified to see what the camera captured.  I play a very irate Elder who is ballistic over a building project gone financially awry (“Do you know whose money is being wasted here?!”).  Oh, well, it’s done, so we’ll see.  But the video process always gets me pumped about doing a film.  My usual hubris kicks in and I’m sure I can produce some award-winning thing (absurd), and I start wondering if I can find a few ten thousand dollars lying around.  (Lights, Action, Bankruptcy.)

Yes, I’ve learned to Twitter, and can’t figure out for the life of me what I’m doing that’s interesting enough to bother the few folks who claim to be interested (my “followers”).  I got a new guitar for my birthday, thanks to my lovely wife, and also now have a Wii (currently plowing through the Zelda world, and enjoy the occasional game of bowling.)

Daniel is home for the summer (though he’s headed to Europe pretty soon for a couple of weeks), and it’s been really good to sit with him, kick around our various angsts, and even make a bit of music together.

Just now, it’s time for my Friday coffee with my friend who says he just climbed out of bed.  I feel that way most of the day, most days.

Lots of new theological thoughts, but I’m not sure I’m ready to air them out.   Maybe I am.  We’ll see…

Reading Job…

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