Notes from a September Week

So I took a week off from blogging.  It was full week, as they all are.   Rehearsals for Enchanted April (Taproot Theatre, opening this Friday) continue to go well.   I will, of course, be terrified as we move through opening weekend…I always am the first few times around with an audience.  But that will pass, and the fun of the run will settle in.   I’ve been reminded several times in the past week how much I enjoy this strange game called acting.

I missed a lot of sleep last week as seasonal allergies kicked in,  and was pretty fatigued by the time I got to Saturday, but then, wonder of wonders, I got two 8-hours-of-sleep nights in a row.  Amazing how much difference that makes.   Didn’t get that much last night–got home late from rehearsal, then got up early to work out, but still feel more energized than usual.

Spent a couple of hours yesterday getting new headshots.  (My current ones are embarrassingly old.  I’ve aged a bit since the one in the Enchanted April program was shot.  But it will be the last time it gets used.)  Wayne Rutledge is a fine photographer and we had fun both in the studio and wandering around the Greenwood neighborhood looking for good light and interesting backgrounds.   I’ll post a few when I get them (maybe), and we’ll see.  The whole process of looking into a camera trying to communicate “quiet strength” or some other such direction is a little odd, hard to put my finger on.  And there are the people wandering by who get a kick out of seeing this whole process happen.  Pretty strange.

Let’s see, what else…had a rock-your-world conversation with a friend I haven’t sat down with in a couple of years.  A man of deep compassion and activist heart, he has left the church in what approaches disgust over many things, some theological, some textual, some practical.   He gave me some help on the health insurance issue that clarified some things, and I left admiring his courage, his mind, and his means of practical living.  He may well be closer to God than many of the church folk I know.  Certainly reminded me of Jesus in some ways.

And there was the worship practice rehearsal Saturday morning which I began mad as a hornet.  Well, maybe not that mad, but I was annoyed at a mistake I’d made even though I had worked pretty hard to be ready for what was about to happen.  But I simply told the band I was pretty angry, that I would get over myself in a few minutes, and we ended up having a great morning rehearsing.  Music often seems sort of over my head, but I keep plugging away, and I’m amazed at the fun there is in it.

And finally, two others things: there was the story of the “Yes Face” (I’ll come back to and do a blog post about that) as well as the ongoing research on Robert E. Lee.   The Civil War is coming more into my consciousness as I try to piece Lee’s imaginative life together.   All I can think is “what lives these people lived.” Giant lives, full of wonder and terror, filled with suffering I cannot even imagine.   More posts on that to come, I’m sure.

This week, worship planning, the Puyallup Fair, Enchanted April, and time with Anjie somewhere along the way, all during my favorite time of year.

Loving the air of fall…

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