A Reputation for a “Yes Face”

This was a question we asked at church on Sunday.  It’s a different way to phrase the old question of legacy: what do you want to be remembered for?  What heritage do you want to leave your kids?  After all is said and done, what will your legacy be?

One man had a fascinating answer in that he said he wanted to be known as a man who had a “Yes Face.”

A yes-face.

I knew immediately what he meant.   He was referring to that moment when someone in need asks you for help, and you’re caught in that dilemma of responding or not.   He wanted to have a face that always said, “Yes.”

The reason I knew what he meant was that too often I have a “No Face”.  And it’s interesting to think of a “No Face” being no face at all, in that the selfish human loses something of themselves and eventually disappears.   Do we find more and more of our true face as we open it with yeses for those around us?  And do we move toward having less face, less identity, less true self, when we present those who need us with a “No Face?”

What kind of face will we bring today?

I said I wanted to be known as someone who knew how to love…

One Reply to “A Reputation for a “Yes Face””

  1. I once read a book by Anna Mow, “Say Yes to God”. Jesus said, “When you have done it unto the least of these you have done it unto me.” As a result of pondering these thoughts I find it easier to say “Yes” when someone asks for help. The harder thing for me is saying “yes” to those inner promptings of the Spirit to initiate action. Fear and doubt too often win the day.

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